The Silent Age


A graphic adventure between the past and the future


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The Silent Age is a traditional adventure game where you control Joe, a janitor who works in a government building. Little does he know, though, that his life is about to change.

The Silent Age begins in 1972. Joe is cleaning one of the lower floors of the building when a bleeding man suddenly appears. The man gives Joe a time-traveling device and begs Joe, with his last breath, to save humanity.

Joe tries the device and travels 40 years in the future to discover that humans are, in fact, extinct. His goal from that point on is to try to stop this extinction from happening.

The gameplay in The Silent Age is identical to that of traditional point-and-click graphic adventures: you can pick up objects, use them, explore scenes, and so on. You can even travel in time.

The Silent Age is a traditional adventure game with a very interesting story and simple but attractive graphics.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher